Chuwi unveiled the Hi12 Remix OS version

Chuwi is so far playing it pretty safe in the tablet race and sticking exclusively to the Cherry Trail Intel Atoms to power their tablets. While the competition flagships are sporting the new Skylake Core M processors it can feel like a little bit of lackluster decision, but at least it keeps their products affordable, because the Core M can be ultra pricy.

The very cream of the crop of Chuwi’s lineup is the Hi12 model with premium Samsung PLS 12-inch screen with 2160×1440 pixel resolution and the rare “Surface-like” 3:2 aspect ration. Another big plus for the tablet is a metal body, 4 GB RAM, big 11000 mAh battery , full sized USB 3.0 ports and even a dual boot version with Android 5.1/Windows 10. The only problematic point is the aforementioned lowest Cherry Trail processor Intel Atom-X5 Z8300 with not so powerful graphic. But well with a price hovering around the $250 mark and optional very good keyboard dock it’s a very good thing to get.

Chuwi CES

And now at the CES Asia 2016 Chuwi unveiled yet another option for the Hi12 with the Remix OS version coming in the very near future . The Remix OS is a very interesting take on the Android compatible system with the Windows-like functionality offering more or less best of the both world. Question remains if the dualboot version isn’t the more appealing one, but still i’m the last one to complain about more options. The exact date of the Hi12 Remix is not known yet, but should be out really soon.

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