Xiaomi launches smart magnesium suitcase

xiaomi suitcase

Xiaomi have a wide variety have products (including bags) already, but this magnesium suitcase has smart feature up its sleeve.

Designed in Germany and manufactured by Xiaomi in China, this 1999 Yuan magnesium alloy suitcase certainly looks the part, but what on earth does it have to do with Xiaomi’s connected eco-system?

Put simply the 4.4kg suitcase comes with Bluetooth for connecting to smartphones (iOS and Android are both supported) allowing for the dual combination locks to be remotely unlocked if needed. The app can also show if your case has been unlocked without you present which is a rather nifty feature too.

xiaomi suitcase

Like all good suitcases the handle is height adjustable to 4 levels and there are 4 wheels in the base for easy manoeuvring around China’s many busy international airports.

Like the Xiaomi router and other products before it, the Mi Suitcase is currently in a crowd funding stage awaiting enough interest before going in to production.

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