ZTE Axon 7 will use AKM audio tech, aims to be an audiophiles dream

ZTE are taking audio serious with the Axon 7 and have employed professors and even opened a new audio lab to get the most from the new phone.

In the early years of Chinese smartphones it was really easy to make a headline device, all you needed was a big screen, more cores and a half decent design, but things have come along way.

Across the whole spectrum of Chinese phones we are now seeing brands pick up features that they want their devices to be known for. We’ve seen phone brands create niches for themselves with larger batteries, we’ve seen Oppo rebrand themselves as ‘camera phone’ maker, but the biggest trend is audio.

ZTE are the latest brand to what customers to enjoy better audio and are trying to create the best sounding smartphone on the market, one to rival Vivo.

In a press release today it has been revealed that ZTE have opened up an audio lab for handsets (focusing on all audio and sound experiences from ringtones to music) and has hired professors to work on the project.

This all sounds good but what hardware will ZTE incorporate to achieve they goals? Well the company have teamed with what AKM to use their latest chipset, the AK4961. This high-tech audio processor offers high performance 32-bit advanced audio CODEC with DSP for smartphones.

With this new technology music will sound just as the artist intended but even spoken work (i.e from your navigation software) is going to sound clearer than before.

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In earlier leaks from TENAA it has been revealed that the design of the Axon 7 has dual front facing speakers and a rear fingerprint scanner. Hardware includes a 2K display, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 chipset and 20 mega-pixel rear camera.

ZTE will laugh the Axon 7 in Beijing on the 26th May and we plan to review the phone shortly after.

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