UHANS S1 design comparison

If we would be comparing the chinese manufacturer UHANS to the world renowned phone makers, we would surely come to the conclusion the brand is totally unknown and minor.

But comparing their latest model UHANS S1 with the competition on design level it’s pretty much possible to put on the same level as the best pieces like iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7 or Huawei P9. Let’s look at the theoretical duel more closely.

If we put all the phones side by side the differences are not that visible at first glance, though the iPhone 6S just emanates the aesthetic design hand in hand with the promise of luxury and the Samsung S7 just screams about being luxury, technology and comfortable piece all in one.

Huawei P9 is trying to go slightly different way with looking deceptively simple, yet extremely elegant and desirable. Apparently the UHANS S1 is trying to mimic this design of simplicity, modesty and elegance.

Comparing the displays of all the phones it’s obvious that manufacturers are oscillating around the ideal 5-inch size while Huawei P9 being 5.2-inch one, Samsung S7 5.1-inch one and iPhone 6S 4.7-inch one. All of them are also following the latest trend with 2.5D curved displays.



Looking at the Home buttons with integrated fingerprint scanners it’s obvious that both Huawei and UHANS manage to love without that, while Samsung is spotting the elipse shaped Home button and the iPhone circular. Both of the chinese brands opted for the fingerprint scanner located on the back of the device.

Comparing the rear cameras reveals the fact, that except the Samsung all the manufacturers tend to gravitate towards the solution of placing the camera lens more to the left upper part.


Thickness comparison is more or less wash when all the devices look pretty similar with matching design of the controls too. But quick glance into the tech spec sheet can reveal that the iPhone 6S is only 6.9mm thin, while the UHANS S1 is 7.3mm thin, Samsung S7 is 7.9mm thin and Huawei P9 is 6.95mm thin.

When taking all those facts and pictures into perspective it’s clear that design-wise all of the phones are not that much different. So the customer searching for style, beauty and functionality has many options to choose from.

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