ZUK Z2 launching on 31st May, but with a Snapdragon chipset

zuk z2 snapdragon

Despite rumours of a Samsung chipset, the latest teaser for the upcoming ZUK Z2 is contains Qualcomm Snapdragon branding.

In an interesting twist the ZUK Z2 smartphone rumoured to come with a Samsung Exynos 8890 chipset has been confirmed for launch on the 31st with a Snapdragon chipset instead.

The original rumour came last week when a ZUK boss hinted that their new mid range phone will come with the Exynos chipset, but it seems that this was a bit of misdirection.

Although we don’t know which Snapdragon processor the Z2 will get yet, we can guess that it will likely be a Snapdragon 652 as the Z2 Pro already has the 820.

As for the rest of the hardware well the only details we have were for a Z1 mini phone that might have been renamed to become the Z2 which will see the new phone launch with a 4.7-inch FHD display, 3GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel main camera.

We’ll know for sure as soon as the Z2 launches at the end of the month so stay tuned.

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