ZUK Z2 Pro fans left wanting as stock runs out too fast

zuk z2 pro

ZUK have seen stock of their ZUK Z2 Pro Ultimate dry up in just 4 minutes this morning, leaving plenty of unhappy fans waiting for the next round of sales.

Priced at 2699 Yuan, the ZUK Z2 Pro Ultimate is the phone that many people are hoping to get their hands on these days, after all this is a phone with Snapdragon 820 chipset, and 6GB RAM, 128GB memory and a suite of health sensors at just half the price of the similar spec’d Vivo Xplay 5.

Launched a few weeks ago, sales of the  Z2 Pro started today with the first batch proving so popular that all phones gone in only 4 minutes. While ZUK were happy with the speed of sales, fans weren’t and have questioned the company over the amount of stock they had prepared for the sale.

Making phones in limited numbers and releasing them in batches is a very good way to keep manufacturing costs down for new phone makers, but as we have seen today (and in the past) it’s not the best way to keep your core users happy.

The next round of ZUK Z2 Pro sales will begin on 31st May.

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