UMI Super packaging looks pretty representative

UMI Super is certainly very eagerly awaited brand flagship and with all the hype surrounding it it’s going to be interesting to see, if it can stand up to all the expectations. With the respectable hardware specs like Helio P10 processor, 4 GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery with fast charging, metal build or Panasonic camera it has all the tools so let’s cross fingers for the best result.

But the picture of the product is not forged just with the boring spec summary and UMI designers are trying their best even with the small design details. Like with the UMI Super packaging, where they went through three different draft versions over 25 days to finally reach the final decision about it. And judging by the pics scattered around this article they did a good job, the packaging looks really neat, the tin box is surely superior to just the paper option and worthy the flagship tag.


UMI Super is available in presales all around the internet for the retail $249.99 price or for the discounted $179.99 with a coupon, which you can still get on the UMI forums here or subscribe here for the chance of getting it.


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