Cubot + COSWHEEL = smart folding electric bike A-one

Seems like Cubot is planning to branch out a bit and goes into cooperation with the COSWHEEL startup. The result of this cooperation should be something unique in form of smart folding electric bike.

Especially in the crowded cities and areas bikes could be a perfect mean of transport avoiding the traffic jams, problems with parking and of course also the always rising gas costs. Not to mention you can do something for your health with the physical activity. All things considered biking is just cool and we can wholeheartily recommend it 🙂

The COSWHEEL A-one bike could be the perfect solution for the bike lovers and thanks to the folding design also extremely compact and easy to transport. With 15.6 kg weight it’s not much heavier than most of the ordinary bikes and the battery should last about 45 kilometres on just one charge. The bike is also a smart one capable of pairing with either Android or iOS device and monitoring all the important things like the speed, GPS location and even the technical status of the bike.

It’s surely an interesting concept and idea and if you want to know more about this Cubot / COSWHEEL cooperation check out the Kickstarter page for more information and even some short videos.

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