Xiaomi Mi Band 2 launches with OLED display

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 launches with OLED display

xiaomi mi band 2

Xiaomi have today unveiled their latest wearable the Mi Band 2 with new OLED display and 20 day battery life.

The new Mi Band 2 was announced today with a new price of 149 Yuan and will officially go on sale in China on the 7th June.

Even with the new display most of the features of the Mi Band 2 remain the same as the last generation model with a built in heart monitor, sports pedometer, sleep monitoring, phone unlock etc. Changes are that the heart rate monitor now has live tracking (so it is constantly recording), and that the new wearable has an OLED display and an IP67 body.

With the addition of the display, the battery life in the Mi Band 2 has dropped from the originals 30 day standby to 20 days which is still more than adequate.

xiaomi mi band 2

The new wearable is sure to be a popular product in China so expect it to sell out on the 7th, while online resellers also try to get their own stock too.

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  • Xalis

    Meh! I was expecting something actually new, I mean for people that actually use this for fitness the new heart rate monitor is nice but for the rest of us (I’m sure the big majority) it adds nothing as notification device over the original band.

    • saur

      its a fitness band not a smart watch, what more feature can you expect?……. tbh a smart watch would have been better than this.

    • Eid

      Yep, but for those like me who really wanted to have live recording this is awesome!! 🙂

      • AHappyKoalaBear

        I know right, hopefully it supports strava

    • Airyl

      It’s a fitness band. Nobody was expecting anything more than this because this is literally all that fitness bands are used for

      I’m curious as to what exactly you were expecting. Did you want it to run Android Wear? Were you expecting it to make coffee? Please, do tell.

      • Marco Lancaster

        And I think this is much more useful than anything running android wear or the apple watch, maybe the smartwatches aren’t my cup of tea at all…

  • xteamchinax

    Are the bands (if/when they become available) still interchangeable?

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      Yes they are dear friend of the millet

      • Qasim Ala

        Please explain why you call the xiaomi phones “millet” beloved chairman. I have heard that from a few Chinese people but the rest of the world calls them xiaomi mi.

        • BotondKisKovacs

          As far as I know “xiao mi” means “millet” or translated word by word “little rice”.

  • Shashank

    i wish it can tell or show about the incoming call and notify about the message

  • 123

    Resellers are going to overcharge it so hard

    • Milos Lukic

      I was looking now at few resellers and they almost doubled the price. It’s around $40.

  • Vedansh Modwel

    I would love if it shows the time the whole day(always on display showings time)

  • James

    I think that’s great. It has exactly the features I want and nothing more. 🙂

  • Mikhail Preuss

    it is already on pre-sale on Aliexpress by the way..
    here – bit.ly/xiaomi_miband2
    Dream Angel store is pretty reliable, would recommend to stick with them)

    • AHappyKoalaBear

      lol why would you spend this much on a pre sale? it costs 20$ so maybe with reselling it would cost $25/$30

      • Mikhail Preuss

        you are wrong, if you think that it costs $20))
        the official price of $23 means that you can buy it being in China, and luckily get it from official Xiaomi store in time (it is impossible, trust me).
        If you are from West (Europe/USA) – you can not avoid shipping cost, and profit to reseller. So $33-39 is normal current price 😉

        • M

          Do they sell the mi band 2 in store in China (in one of their 502 resellers)? Or do you mean buy it being in China from their online store?

          • Mikhail Preuss

            no, you can buy it being in your house)
            with shipping worldwide to your country – bit.ly/xiaomi_miband2