Homtom HT17 coming with new package design

The newest Homtom budget model Homtom HT17 will be available in the flash sales starting June 2nd and even though you can already find the presale offers, the flash sales will be the best option to get it.

And because there is always room for some improvement, the HT17 comes with a new design of the package. Yeah it’s nothing radical, because only the box gets the new look, but still worth mentioning.

The new box will try to be more elegant and trendy with the full white look and showing off all the three color variants of the phone depicted on it. For some reason Homtom thinks that icons are better than just pure boring list of specs, so the HT17 main selling points will be on the package in the icon form.

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Wrapping up the breaking news we can just repeat that the flash sales of Homtom HT17 starts June 2nd with $49.99 and can be found here and here.

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  1. AndrTech
    June 2, 2016

    Honestly, I am not so concerned about the box of the phone, it is the phone itself that matters. The Homtom ht17 carries Android 6.0 and 4G network, that is good. It is said that Bluboo will have new phone, Bluboo Maya with Android 6.0 too, and even Android N in their plan for that phone.

    • Steven Fox
      June 2, 2016

      Don`t expect any updates from Doogee though, I can hardly think of a device of theirs that actually received an update.
      Also I would take away that fingerprint sensor and put 2GB of RAM in there, that would help the phone allot more, but that’s what you get with Doogee – Gimmicky phones.

      • AndrTech
        June 13, 2016

        You can check info for the Bluboo Maya that I mentioned above, maybe you will love this new phone.

        • Steven Fox
          June 14, 2016

          MT6580 SoC inside just about killed my interest in this phone, or any with that ancient chip inside.

          • AndrTech
            June 16, 2016

            It is said that there is a flash sale for this phone, price only $9.99. It is attractive for me though it is only a 3G phone.