Huawei released gold plated P9 for $2140

huawei P9 gold plated

Huawei’s dual camera, Leica branded, smartphone the P9 has launched as a limited edition gold plated model for the Chinese market.

The Huawei P9 launched in China and Europe earlier in the year and grabbed plenty of attention for the dual camera design and Leica endorsed software. The P9 also has the usual flagship level specs with a 5.2-inch GHD display, up to 4GB RAM and a Kirin 955 octacore chipset.

For those of you in China though and wanting a real status symbol while retaining the dual cameras of the P9, then a limited edition Gold version of the phone is what you need. The device isn’t just gold coloured but actually 24K gold plated increasing the retail price to a whopping 14,000 Yuan or $2140.

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huawei P9 gold plated

Other than the gold plating the hardware remains the same as the 3688 Yuan model with 4GB RAM and 32GB memory. Chances are this phone won’t launch outside of China and resellers aren’t likely to stock them.

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  1. June 2, 2016

    Daaaymmmn, will go nicely with my golden teeth;)

  2. balcobomber25
    June 2, 2016

    This will sell out too. There’s actually an entire market for ultra exclusive phones. Vertu is famous for this.

    • MaxPower
      June 2, 2016

      Chinese people love this crap.
      That’s why they keep making phones with goldish details or even the whole phone gold/champagne.
      I personally despise it, not even my wedding band is yellow gold.

      • balcobomber25
        June 2, 2016

        Our wedding rings are both white gold, it’s white my wife preferred. Didn’t bother me because they were cheaper haha.

        I have seen $10,000 iPhones covered in Sapphires, $20,000 Platinum and Diamond Galaxy’s and numerous solid gold phones during my travels to China. Mostly in Shanghai.

      • Zami
        June 3, 2016

        People from different societies have different choices and preferences .
        You have no right to call it crap .
        Gold genie knows it has potential customers for this .
        They do business for profit and thats what they are doing .

        • MaxPower
          June 3, 2016

          And who the hell are you to tell me I’m not entitled of an opinion?
          I have all the rights to call it crap, because that’s what it is to me.

          I understand that there’s people out there with different tastes, if they like it, then good for them, I don’t care, it’s still crap to me.

          • Zami
            June 4, 2016

            Yeah ….
            I am no one to stop you .
            So , happy posting Stupid opinions .

            • MaxPower
              June 4, 2016

              The only stupid comment in here was yours.

            • Andi
              June 6, 2016

              “Chinese people love this crap” is not an opinion, it’s just stupid generalization, like “All users with a Bud Spencer avatar are idiots”…

            • MaxPower
              June 6, 2016

              Nope, you’re making the same mistake of the guy before.

              I didn’t say Chinese people are retarded because they like gold phones, i’m not discussing their tastes. If they like it, then it’s not my business, I personally think it’s crap.

              I also think that eating spiders is gross, while in some countries is considered a delicacy.

              Again, I’m not discussing other people’s tastes not I’m not offending anyone.

              “Chinese people love this crap (gold phones)” is not a generalization, it’s a fact sustained by numbers.
              They do and the market prices it.
              The fact that I like it crap doesn’t change the fact that they like gold on they phones.

              Your comparison instead makes no sense, I thought that the guy before was stupid but you beat him 10-0 on this field

            • Zami
              June 13, 2016

              ‘Indian dislikes it’
              So, want to say , you hate gold colour so the whole India hate gold colour.
              In India gold is wore by Women’s as well as men’s .
              People in India makes Temples of gold .
              And you say , They hate gold .
              I think you have a problem of generalization your opinion .
              You think what you think is what the whole country thinks.
              People who uses gold colour products are ‘Crap’ is a complete aggression on someone’s choise, liking , and preference.
              So, I am stupid or you are is up to you .
              Decide yourself.

            • MaxPower
              June 13, 2016

              Read what I wrote one more time

  3. Assefa Hanson
    June 2, 2016

    do i get golden condoms with it?

  4. greg
    June 2, 2016

    So Dumb ,with that amount of money you could buy the Zuk Z2 Pro, the Mi5 128GB Version and the Le Max 2 6/64 version , why anyone in his sane mind would buy that ?

    • David Košič
      June 4, 2016

      The swag points

  5. Karly Johnston
    June 3, 2016

    I could get it plated for $120.