Bluboo Maya will have own photo app Beautysnap

In our latest article we looked at the main camera of the upcoming Bluboo Maya smartphone and mentioned something about a custom special camera app designed just for this model. Today we have some details concerning this app so we can look at it in detail.

This app is named Beautysnap and should offer new editing options for the selfie lovers. Functions like face beautification, skin beautification or age identification are not going to be missing in the app setting, but should be somehow innovated and the editing itself should be easier and more natural. So let’s look at the individual Beautysnap functions.

The Self-Timer is pretty self explanatory by itself, but the V-gesture function while pretty similar is something else. Gesture activated shutter is a pretty cool thing for the control of the camera.

Just the same self explanatory is the Smile function, which should just register your wide grin and focus on it. The Funny Mode function should analyze your age and sex and based on that tweak the resulting picture. Various Post Facial Beauty function will offer mode detailed editing options if you are are not happy with picture. You can choose another face, eyes, make-up and similar goodies.

The Celebrity function is almost the same as the Various Post Beauty Facial, but the different is you can plaster a known celebrity face all over yours on the picture. Uhm okay. Another one is Fun in dress-up, where you can choose picture addition from wide range of accessories like earrings and jewelry and customize your look fully.

As you can see the Beautysnap app will offer plenty of functions, even though some seem quite silly and redundant. And those who would want even more can download more themes and add-ons, so the selfie maniacs should be pretty satisfied. But the big question is, are there really that many people needing such thing?

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