Bluboo Maya will feature modified Sony sensor with fast autofocus

Today we have yet another piece of information about the upcoming Bluboo Maya phone and this time it’s about the rear camera used. For most of the users the camera is one of the most important parts of the smartphone and quite often are choosing based on just that,

In the previous press releases Bluboo boasted about the excellent camera in the Maya model, which is in stark contrast with the planned budget aim of the phone and the rest of the revealed hardware, like the MT6580 chipset. But still even the budget pieces can have some usable cameras, so which one it’s going to be ?

Bluboo Maya will have main camera offering 13 MPix resolution and the front one with 8 MPix. Main shooter sensor will be Sony made and somehow modified to fit exactly the Maya model. But so far they are silent about the exact model of the used sensor, so while the Sony name looks good it still can be some of the older not-so-great ones. Nonetheless according to Bluboo it should offer fast autofocus feature and dedicated special camera app.

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