UHANS S2 renamed to UHANS Balance

We have just learned that the UHANS is going to rename the hyped upcoming S2 model to UHANS Balance. So what are the reasons for such a confusing step? Well as the name Balance suggests, the device should be defined by just that, having all the aspects in harmony – design, performance, battery performance, smooth usage and the price.

UHANS Balance doesn’t fully fit any of the current company model lines U, H, A or N and is even standing out of the originally planned S line. If we would have to define each lineup it would probably be something like that:

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U model line – high-end specs, precious materials used for the build, original design
H model line – massive battery capacity offering very long endurance
A model line – budget devices with the good price/performance ratio
N model line – cutting edge technologies used, brand flasghip models
S model line – youth stylish design models

Well and the UHANS Balance should have something out of every one of those line so everything should be uhm…balanced. Let’s see how the phone will be successful in the market and if it fullfils the company expectations.

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  1. Muhammad Yasir
    June 2, 2016

    SPECS ?!

  2. Qasim Ala
    June 2, 2016