UMI Super notification LED – blink twice to say yes

UMI seems to be full of novelty ideas and promoting the notification LED as one of the main selling points for UMI Super model must be one of them. So what’s so special about the small LED piece you ask ? Well you are not alone in that matter.

UMI claims that they are trying to more creative with the notification light than the competition and following that pattern they gave the LED six different color options, which are of course fully customizable by the user.

So nothing is holding you back for your missed call, incoming email or a message to blink to the world with all the different colors. Made me to remember the ancient days when we tried to boost our stone age phones with such features using more or less successfuly some apps. These days the cynical little me is rather happy when the all seeing eye on my phone is not blinking at all, but of course to each his own.

To highlight this rainbow function for the UMI Super they have released a new video so you can judge for yourself how much of a selling point for a phone it is.

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