Bluboo Maya for mere $9.99 ? Why not

Bluboo Maya

Bluboo surely knows how to drum up some interest about their upcoming model Bluboo Maya. The tidbits of information covered all the important specs during the past days and while the phone looks decent, that’s not enough promo by itself. But to hit the customers with some crazy price sale ? Well sign us up.

Apparently Bluboo plan to provide a limited amount of the Maya phones for just $9.99 price and we can just assume the pieces offered are going to be really focusing on the limited keyword. Exact rules of the promo event are yet unknown, but we will be for sure keeping an eye on it, because $10 phone is  something the inner cheap Charlie in every one of us embraces.

The normal presale price of Bluboo Maya will be a bit higher with $69.99 and the official $99.99 is in my eyes quite steep considering the hardware inside and the ruthless competition around. But we shall see, the presale period should start very soon already. In the meantime you can check the Bluboo Maya preview video presenting the phone’s design and specs in full glory.

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