EleCam 360 aims to be the worlds cheapest 360 camera at $149.99

Elephone are stepping in to the expanding world of 360 cameras with their own device the EleCam 360 which is on presale for only $149.99.

360 cameras are the next big thing in the wearable camera market, with everyone already owning a GoPro or GoPro style action camera, FPV enthusiasts are looking out for new and more innovative ways to catch their sports and recreation action.

Over the past few months we have already seen LG, Samsung and Ricoh launch their own 360 cameras, but they generally cost $400+ and as this is still a tech in its infancy it’s a little hard to throw so much cash and gen 1 devices.

This is where the EleCam 360 hopes it can get in on the action and grab its place on the market. The camera features two lens which record video that is then spliced together to make a 360 experience that you can even watch on your smartphone or via a VR headset.

Like all good action camera’s the EleCam 360 has WIFI for connecting to your phone or tablet, a simple display to give basic information and a few easy to use buttons to record video and cycle through menus.

ele cam 360

This is a new tech so we don’t know just how good the camera will be, but it is good to see Elephone have given the camera a very generous 1500mAh battery which the company claims is good for 60 minutes of recording.

The camera also comes with a few mounting accessories and is available to pre-order online at just $149.99. What do you think, will you be picking one of these up?

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