Smartwatch Zeblate Blitz first video and rest of the specs revealed

The sport smartwatch Zeblaze Blitz are going to probably see the light of the day very soon, because we have just received yet another press release about the specifications and this time even a video showing the Blitz in full glory. But before we get to the video itself let’s recap the specifications.

The Blitz watch band will be a hypoallergenic one made the “double injection” process and the sportish design body will be from cold-forged stainless steel with some polycarbonate touches here and there.

Display itself is a 1,33-inch 360° circular one with the 360 x 360 pixel resolution and 93,6 % display-to-body ratio. Inside the things are ruled by the quad-core MT6580 processor clocked at 1,3 GHz and the Mali-400 GPU along 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage.

The smartwatch is going to be equipped with an original Samsung heartrate monitor with high precision and low deviations up to +/- 3 BPM for static and +/- 5 BPM for dynamic. Thanks to that it’s going to be possible to get the exact measurements both in the calm and sport state.

With the built-in GPS the Zeblaze Blitz can track better your activity and can even help with the terrain navigation. And with the SIM slot there is actually no need for a phone to pair the watch with if needed, the support of 2G/3G networks and Wi-Fi can handle it on its own.

Last but not least comes the battery capacity information with 480 mAh and IP67 certification making the watch water resistant. Good news is also the 30 language support and Google Play direct support for applications.

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And now finally let’s get to the video showing the real Zeblaze Blitz in action

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