UMI Super second OTA update is live

UMI Super

Seems like the busy bees in UMI are working hard and the second firmware update for the UMI Super model is already live via the OTA. So far so good on their promises about the  frequent updates and customer care so thumbs up.

With the new update come quite some optimizations like improved Wi-Fi sensitivity, better touch screen sensitivity, camera tweaks, fingerprint scanner accuracy fix and as a cherry on the top the brand new “Background Task Clear” function.

So what’s this “Background Task Clear” stuff about ? Well it’s a customized RAM management tool allowing for more control of the applications running in the background with a whitelist function. UMI are pretty happy with this feature and are not afraid to brag about it, comparing it to OnePlus 3 and of course claiming their solution is better.

Incidentally my OnePlus 3 is arriving today and the UMI Super is already in my hands for testing and review so i can investigate those claims and we shall see what’s the real truth about that. But anyway if you are a UMI Super owner don’t hesitate to update to the latest  firmware version, bugfixes are always a welcome sight.

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