Homtom HT10 – first phone with global 4G network support ?

New Homtom model HT10 is currently in the presale period until July 15th and as a part of the promotional campaign the manufacturer is trying to emphasize the fact, that it should be the first phone with the global 4G network support.

The company claims that their phone should be a perfect solution for the travellers around the globe, because with HT10 there would be no need for having several phones to cover all the LTE bands.

The global 4G support should theoretically contain all the used frequencies worldwide, it should be possible to configure up to 217 network parametres and identify all the local signals in respective countries. The following chart is trying to illustrate how the Homtom HT10 global 4G netword should work.

That being said, with a first quick glance you can see that for example the band 8 (900 MHz) is missing and while it’s not the most modern and used one, still it maybe should be there if HT10 plans to be really “global”…

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