OTA fixes RAM and screen issues on OnePlus 3

OnePlus have been fast to roll out an OTA for the OnePlus 3 in an attempt to solve some issues reviewers had mentioned after launch.

The reviewer only update has been pushed out to people reviewing the OP3 for the media and brings some very important changes to the Oxygen OS system.

Of course the one issue at the top of the list is a change to how the RAM is managed on the OP3 to allow more apps to be ran at once. Launch phones had their build.prop value set at 20, but the new update has a new value of 32 meaning more apps can be ran at once and users can enjoy more of that 6GB RAM on offer.

Another big change is the sRGB mode for the screen settings found under developer options. After a damning review for the OnePlus 3’s display, OnePlus have implemented the sRGB option to give more natural colour reproduction on the phone. What this means is less of a neon glow from blues, greens and oranges.

There are other updates and system performance changes in the OTA too. At the time of writing the OTA isn’t available for the general public, but we imagine that there are still a few tweeks OnePlus want to make to the patch before rolling it out.

In other news I’m still waiting for my OP3 to be shipped from the OnePlus. As mentioned in this post I wanted to test out the shopping experience from OP. So far my phone hasn’t shipped (should have shipped on the 19th), I’ve been told that the issue with the order system updating and that’s why my phone doesn’t appear to have shipped, but it hasn’t actually physically shipped yet. For compensation I’ve received a $10 coupon…

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Anyone else experience OP3 order delays?

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