Uhans Balance bringing properly balanced metal body

Balance ! That’s the new keyword and mantra for the upcoming Uhans model not just in the name. They want it to offer the ideal balance between design, performance, battery life, smooth user experience and also the price.

The company claims that they are not interested in cutting corners and compromises, not even in the material and build quality of the metal body. It should be clear, elegant and carefully made. It all sounds like boasting, but because we have some some new pics of the Uhans Balance, you can take a look too.

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To cut the story short, nothing so extraordinary in the pictures. Uhans Balance will be using some kind of aluminum alloy and will be made using CNC processing, sandblasting, eloxing and polishing. The CNC processing should make the Balance body feel more subtle than it really is and thanks to the sandblasting the structure of the back cover should be more resistant and sturdy. Well we shall see.

For now check out the pictures and judge for yourselves.

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