LeEco phones will make it to the US market within 90 days

LeEco may not have been as successful this time round with their hype as they were the first time. That said, there’s still a huge section of the globe that remains uncovered for LeEco.

According to reports, LeEco are in the process of covering more turf — the US, especially. Reports have emerged that suggest a LeEco smartphone launch in the US within the next 3 months.

Company honcho Jia Yueting apparently revealed this to LeEco employees. Unfortunately, this is all the info that we have on LeEco’s US plans this season.

Chinese phone makers, especially smaller ones, tend to find it a little difficult breaking into the US. LeEco are a known giant, and the path should be much less steeper for them.

We shall know in the coming months! Meanwhile, if you’re from the US, let us know what LeEco phone you would like to see launched first.

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