Meizu MX6 benchmarks, launch date and invitation all here

meizu mx6 launch invite

Ok, so there was a crazy rumour that the Meizu MX6 would be DOA, but that rumour has no been throughly debunked with the release of MX6 launch invitations and benchmarks.

Kicking off this post with the official news first, Meizu have released launch invitations to Chinese press clearly stating what and when the invitation is for. The when is July 19th and the what is the MX6.

meizu mx6 launch invite

Inside the invites is one of Meizu’s original MP3 players which might be a hint at the MX6 taking HIFI audio to the next level.

So what else do we know about the upcoming Meizu handset? Well thankfully purported benchmarks for the phone have also been found online and include some details about the hardware of the phone. The Meizu MX6 specs include a FHD display, 4GB RAM, 32GB memory, and Mediatek Helio X20 chipset.

Gizchina News of the week

meizu mx6 benchmarks

One big change for the MX6 is the rear camera which is listed as a 12 mega-pixel sensor rather than the 21 mega-pixel unit we are more use to seeing on high-end Meizu devices.

meizu new audio products

And last but not least he MX6 is apparently not the only new product we will see from Meizu on the 19th, as more headphones and battery packs are set to be released too!

So what do you think of all that?

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  1. dfdg
    July 8, 2016
  2. Flavi
    July 8, 2016

    Personally, i don’t have any problems with Helio X20 i think it’s fast enough for me. I am really hoping that they use the IMX377 12mp sensor and that they use the same optimization that they did with the camera of MX5. MX5 is nowhere near S7 in terms of camera performance especially in lowlight but that might change with a flagship camera sensor such as the IMX377. I believe this is the reason why you never see Samsung use IMX220 nor IMX230 in any of their phones and they opted for flagship quality sensors IMX240 for the S6 and IMX260 for the S7 series. Though it’s expensive, but by properly correcting software algorithms together with a very capable sensor, it will yield some really impressive camera results.

    • Muhammad Yasir
      July 8, 2016

      hope so too… and i really like the deep analysis on sensors
      KEEP IT UP !

  3. July 8, 2016

    Don`t believe it will sell well, Le 2 is a 100$ cheaper, not to even mention Vernee’s Apollo lite which is 150$ cheaper.

  4. kimshibal
    July 8, 2016

    i’m going to buy 100000 for my slave

    • Muhammad Yasir
      July 8, 2016

      wot ?

  5. Muhammad Yasir
    July 8, 2016

    wait 12mp cam ?! wtf …
    12 mp dual cam WOULD BE BETTA !

  6. Aristotelis Tz
    July 8, 2016

    snap 820 is better than x20. Ok that’s fine. So they have to price the device accordingly.

  7. Karly Johnston
    July 8, 2016

    They want over $300 for a $180 hardware?

    • bojan radovanovic
      July 8, 2016

      that’s capitalisam….look at Samsung or Apple….they are asking for even more

      • Karly Johnston
        July 8, 2016

        Meizu is no Samsung or Apple.

  8. bojan radovanovic
    July 8, 2016

    i have Meizu HD50 and EP51….looking forward to see what will they make this time.
    would like to see wireles, noice canceling version of HD50 😉

  9. LowTechCrap
    July 10, 2016

    The X20 is a rather poor choice for an SoC at that price point.