Vernee Apollo Lite gets compared with Meizu Pro 6

Apollo Lite

We have just received a bunch of pics from Vernee and in these pics their latest Apollo Lite model in dark grey version gets compared design and build-wise with the Meizu Pro 6.

The Vernee Apollo Lite is no slouch in the design and build department using the zinc/titanium alloy for the body itself and thank 3D polishing and anodizing it should also offer somehow better fingerprint and smudge resistance.

Front panel uses the 2.5D curved protective Gorilla Glass 3 and thanks to the 30° CNC processing the chamfered edges are precise and giving the phone more subtle look than it really is. After all look at the pics youself and judge if it can stand up to the Meizu Pro 6 design and build.

First batches of the Apollo Lite are already being distributed to customers, because Vernee kept their promise and started on July 10th. If you would be interested in ordering the Vernee Apollo Lite you can click here or here.

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