Ulefone Metal reveals more details about its metal build

Just literally few hours ago Ulefone have announced their newest Ulefone Metal model and while we are a bit sceptical about their plan to be a significant midrange device the build still looks quite good. Magnesium-aluminum alloy used for the chassis sounds promising so how exactly is it made ?

Ulefone of course used the precise CNC processing for the body and from the pictures it’s clear that the chassis will have some small plastic stripes over the antennas as usual to make the signal reception better. The metallic rear is sandblasted and it’s curved a bit for a better grip too.

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You can find all the exact specifications of Ulefone Metal here and you can also click this link to guess the price of Ulefone Metal and have a chance to win it for free. Worth a shot.

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  1. Semi
    July 16, 2016

    wow, the mighty mt6753, avarage performance and a lot of drain. Hope we will soon forget it.

  2. MitsosDaBest
    July 17, 2016

    If it’s better than Vernee Thor, for the same price will be great. But forget the slow MT6753, please…

  3. Casablanca
    July 17, 2016

    Even Ulefone is not of good quality and perfect brand notability, but i will think over considering the cheap price.

    • Hakim Farouk
      July 18, 2016

      thier software is better than elephone.

      • Casablanca
        July 21, 2016

        Elephone also have its advantage, there is not a failed product, just a bad marketing strategy and brand influencei think.

        • Hakim Farouk
          July 21, 2016

          Really? What do you call Vowney? Elephoney say it has 4K recording before launching and now it has been months after it was released and no 4K recording. In fact, even the 2K is not stable. Oh and the only company that I know of to release a half-baked update to the public like P8000 6.0 but fingerlock not working. Then what’s the point of having the fingerlock if you can’t use it. haha. Just to name a few from the line of failed products