United Colours of Elephone – gaming keyboard EleEnterGame1

Seems like Elephone are not done yet with their innovative tries to expand into some other tech areas so today we surprisingly don’t have info about a new Elephone phone model but a special gaming keyboard from these chinese multitalents.

Do you think your computer keyboard looks boring ? Well easy step to fix that, get the EleEnterGame1 keyboard and all the colors of the rainbow are within your grasp to light up the specific keyboard segments just as you like. And on top of that it looks pretty sturdy and massive with a metal ergonomic build.

Elephone claim that the keyboard will really be something else and that the rigorous testing will be extensive. But most importantly they promised to surprise the potential customers with a really low price tag and that’s something we all like to hear. So let’s hope for the best with this new unusual Elephone venture into the uncharted waters.

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