UMI London tested in a drop test

UMI London is the most recent UMI device and while it’s certainly a budget one it’s still looking quite good and probably will even be quite sturdy. UMI marketing experts are trying to talk about it as a “ruged” model, though i have a hard time fully believing that.

To prove such claim they have released a video with UMI London getting dropped from various heights, but that’s more of a gimmick than some real tests and surely far cry of anything resembling proof about a “rugged” smartphone. Still worth checking out of course.

One more interesting piece of news about UMI London is the planned activity for the amateur reviewers to test the London for all the positives and negatives about the device. Ten chosen best reviewers will be granted the UMI London completely for free. Start sharpening your pencils ladies and gents.

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