LeEco looking to acquire US based TV company Visio

VIZIO, a company well known in the US for making decent yet affordable TVs, may be acquired by Chinese technology company LeEco very soon if reports are to be believed. On top of that, LeEco may also be planning to hold an event in the US to announce this development according to the company’s statement on Friday.

The acquisition of VIZIO will benefit LeEco in many ways. For starters, it’ll help give them a foothold in the US market seeing how VIZIO already has a good reputation there. This will allow LeEco to quickly and easily breach the US market.

Aside from that, LeEco will also benefit from VIZIO’s resources like their television production plant in Mexico or their knowledge of the international market and how to handle it, making LeEco’s global conquests much more manageable.

On top of all this, the acquisition will also benefit Indian consumers since LeEco can apply their extra resources to improving their presence in India.

What do you make of LeEco’s acquisition of VIZIO? Do share what you think down in the comments below.

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