Uhans A101 – design inspired by Antoni Gaudí

We already know Uhans are working on working on a new device designated Uhans A101 and from the first information available it should be designed as some sort tribute to the legendary Finnish brand Nokia.

But the latest news are painting slightly different picture and the design will probably be more or a fusion between Nokia style and the modernist building style, but in the end it can even end up being something different altogether. But for now the information hints at it being inspired by the famous modernist “Casa Vicens” building by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

Why not, Gaudí was a genius after all. The news are talking about round edges and hexagonal shape of the phone. We even have first few renders showing how the Uhans A101 could look.

Personally I have a little bit of a problem seeing anything resembling the Gaudí’s rich, complex and modernist playfulness in the phone’a design. To me it looks simple and cold, which is nothing like Gaudí at all. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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