Xiaomi tease VR launch on the 1st August

xiaomi vr

Looking for some quality VR equipment to strap yourself, and immerse yourself in? Then keep an eye on what Xiaomi are up to on the 1st August.

At the start of the year I predicted there would be an explosion in the number of VR products this year, but in reality what we have seen is a few companies take interest in the tech and others just sit and watch from the sidelines.

LeEco launched a set of 2K VR goggles, a few smaller Chinese brands made VR accessories to be used with existing phones, and other brands went the other way and are making new phones with 2K screens and advanced gyroscopes to make use of those accessories.

xiaomi vr

Today, Xiaomi teased that come the 1st August they will to have some VR related product for customers to choose from.

Knowing how Xiaomi are enjoying branching out in to new technology recently (drones, bikes and laptops) I expect the Xiaomi VR goggle (Mi VR?) to be a self contained unit with its own built-in display, processor and internal storage.

Perhaps we’ll even see a way to hook the Mi VR up to the Xiaomi TV boxes too for more of a console feel?

What ever Xiaomi have in store for us keep an eye on the headlines for the latest details.

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