Keep dry this summer with the Xiaomi umbrella!

xiaomi umbrella

Xiaomi are vary much a lifestyle brand with all sorts of products on sale for all your everyday needs and now even an umbrella.

When you think of Xiaomi and the fact that they have launched an umbrella your mind might start racing to work out what amazing tech the phone maker has managed to shove inside.

Could the Xiaomi Umbrella have a smart weather feature that enables it to unfold just as the first drops of water come splashing down? Or could a super hot blast of air jet down from inside to dry your clothes if you manage to get caught out?

Unfortunately neither of these features have made it in to the Mi Umbrella, and in fact the brolly remains tech free (at least from an electronics point of view).

xiaomi umbrella

What it does offer is a durable Teflon coating, a small compact design when folded, and a low retail price of only 69 Yuan in China. The Xiaomi Umbrella would have actually been a great buy when I was in China, as it was a nightmare to find decent quality options while I was living there.

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