Uhans A101 coming soon in different colors

Uhans A101 is planned to a tribute to the legendary Nokia devices so the consensus is to expect some simple, utilitarian design and precise ergonomy. But Uhans want to add some spice to it too so they claim the design of A101 is also inspired by the work of famous spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

So modernish or the scandinavian strict cold design ? Maybe the pictures can shed some light on that matter.


Seems like the simplicity trump the modernism flair, at least with the colors. Here wins the very bland “slate grey”, which is an interesting choice in the world ruled by the trendy gold or rose gold and in general the shiny colors like blue, green or yellow.


Uhans claim that this exact color is the tribute to the Nokia brand and shoutout to the history. Personally i prefer the more usual colors for the phones like black and white, but slate grey is not bad either, So certainly a rarer choice to stand out in the crowd.

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