Uhans A101 video – the design enigma

Uhans have prepared a video for us showing the design features and looks of their new A101 model so you can see for yourself how much did they deliver on their promise to make it as a tribute to the legendary Nokia brand while also being inspired by the works of the famous spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, namely his Casa Vincens house.

Design of the Uhans A101 looks pretty rounded with smooth edges and special rubbery texture coating on the back cover imitating the leathery feeling. Which means at least the fingeprints are not going to be a problem with such back cover and it should also theoretically mean fimer grip and structure consistent with the original design concept.

Take a look at the video and maybe you can find in it some the of alleged above mentioned inspirations, because my eyes can’t find much of that in the Uhans A101.

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