ELE Whisper – active noise cancellation reduction

ELE Whisper – active noise cancellation reduction

ELE Whisper - active noise cancellation reduction


Seems like the mystery concerning the new Elephone gadget developed in cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is finally solved and now we know what exactly was in the teaser picture before.

So what’s this mystery product then? Well from the new detailed pictures we have it’s quite clear that it will be some kind of active noise cancellation gadget specifically for the headphones and the quality level should be pretty high, because it matches some military standards.

Elepehone engineers along their CASC collegues utilized the technologies similar to the ones used by the chinese military for example in the air defense systems.


The device will be called the ELE Whisper and should be equipped with a CASC863A military grade chipset, allowing it to reduce the noise up to 35 dB intensity in the 4000 Hz range. So theoretically that should eliminate all the unwanted sounds and noices in the background while keeping the sound output clear. The headphones themself should be oval and following the human ear anatomy.


The ELE Whisper will be a rechargeable device due to the design, but it should last about 25 hours on a single charge. And of course you can use the headphones just in the normal way too.

There are already headphones with a similar technology on the market made by Bose, Sennheiser, Sony or Huawei so only time will tell if the ELE Whisper can join this company successfully or not.

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  • realjjj

    Waiting for the China players to get into the hearables market. They are yet to do so and prices are 250-300$ for what is ,in the end, just some smarter plugs.

    • willysson

      Me too!

    • NextHype

      That was true 5 years ago. Since 2012 there are great products under $100. I can’t see a chinese brand competing in this bracket before a few years of trial and error.

      • realjjj

        Looks like you don’t know what hearables are.
        maybe this will help you http://www.wareable.com/samsung/best-hearables

        • NextHype

          Yup, haven’t read on “hearables” before, thx. I wasn’t expecting you to be so off topic so i thought you were talking about ANC earbuds.

  • NextHype

    NextHype • 9 days ago
    1 in, 2 out ? Guessing earphones too. But there is a button and they work with military research firm so let’s say noise-canceling earphones ^^

    What did i win for having correctly guessed the next Elephone product ? xD

  • NextHype

    BTW Elefraud still at work…

    Noise cancelling earbuds have different efficiency depending on the frequency range considered. So Elefraud chose the frequency range where their product was the most efficient (4kHz) to display their “incredible” -35dB. You noticed that Bose and Huawei cancel as much as 30dB on this range, 5dB difference isn’t incredible. Even budget ($80) ANC earbuds deliver this -30dB.

    In fact, the most problematic frequency range is 150-200Hz, which is produced by engines (airplane, train, car…), and that’s exactly the range you wanna see cancelled when you’re traveling in the sky, on the road or underground. Atm, no information from Elefraud on this range ^^

    Another problem will prabably be the loudspeaker used in this budget ANC earbud. Elefraud teamed up with chinese military for ANC technology, that’s great, but if they don’t team up with a serious headphone builder, your ears will bleed not from the surrounding noise but from the music itself.

    IMHO, the real contender isn’t Bose or Huawei but Audio Technica. Their ANC23 can be bought for $60 and there is no way Elefraud can approch the sound quality Audio Technica delivers.

    • Ray Bel

      Sorry thats a revolting typo. Elefraud…shame on you.
      Let me correct you: Eletrack

      These earbuds with military enhancement technology (hence the battery) can ident your location so they know exactly where you are.
      It’s just an earbud with advanced tracking technology.

      Other then that…yes it’s a fraud to measure in the 30dB range….

      • NextHype

        You sure ? Why putting a tracking device in a pair of earbuds when you already planted one (or more) in the smartphone ?

        Earbuds with GPS tracking capability are usually stand alone devices like Sammy GearX and alikes.

    • Steve R.

      I’m in now way an elephone advocate (merely a P9000 owner), but if you check a bit their website, you’ll see that the frequency range 150-200Hz is actually quite good: In the 30-35dB range.

      Now, as far as the audio quality goes, well, we’ll have to wait for some independent reviews.

      • NextHype

        Thanks for this update.

        If this graph is true, then this is a good product, at least on the noise reduction part (can’t tell the same about audio quality part, which needs testing as you pointed out).

  • cookieGirl

    looks useless tbh…. why would u need to charge your earphones? besides knowing the quality of their products… no, thanks

  • Chandan Mitra

    Looks great, is it water proof??


    What does it mean by military level?? I didn’t understand, can anyone help?

  • techi

    available in 2 colors??

  • Jake Neal

    what colours are available?

  • TheBestt

    It’s useful and has great specs!

  • ukgamer335

    i wonder how often you’d have to charge it though

  • JTiG

    definitive would get it, it looks sleek and cool