Elephone EleEnter Game1 gaming keyboard video presentation

Few weeks ago we have informed about the new Elephone bussines plan to take the gaming accessory market by the storm starting with the gaming keyboard with fully user customizable backlight style and color.

And today we have a video of this EleEnter Game1 gaming keyboard right here in all its shining and color blinking glory. You can turn on the backlight using the combination of the multimedia Fn function keys. The backlight is in the RGB style and the LEDs should have a quite high lifespam.

This gaming keyboards offers up to 9 different backlight modes, five game modes, static backlight, color switching or monochromatic light. It’s possible to combine all the styles, 3G color mixing and light pulse. It’s all sounds nice and cozy, but still it’s hardly the most defining factor for the gaming keyboard so we have to see how good the gaming features are actually going to be.

You can check all these styles and settings in the following video.

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