LeEco Le2 gets an almost bezel-less design in new leaks

LeEco Le2 gets an almost bezel-less design in new leaks


New leaks show us a close up of the new LeEco Le2 flagship with a near bezel-less design and metal body.

Since they released their original Le series of phones, LeEco have been using a black border design that runs right up to the sides of their devices to give the impression of a borderless design. The optical illusion obviously fails to work once the screen is on, and generally people aren’t too keen on the thick black borders around their displays.

For the LeEco Le2 the company have pulled the same trick but this time the black border has been narrowed to a much thinner sliver of black around the panel.

The leak shown in this photo shows a purported LeEco Le2 up close with the narrowest bezel from the company to date along with a metal side and power + volume buttons on the right of the handset.

In other leaks this week the Le2 has been seen with a loop antenna design (similar to the iPhone and current Meizu phones), which are backed up with rumours of the phone getting a Snapdragon 821 chipset, 8GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

The next leeks we are waiting to see is the one from TENAA so we can finally put the rumours to bed.

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  • Karly Johnston

    They had better add AMOLED if they want to compete.

    • GoldenBoy

      They better add a better battery capacity instead

    • filipgrk

      AMOLED + that battery = 2 hours of use in full brightness
      Plus its only their second LeEco , give them time.

  • Ebemec

    I hope they use stock Android instead of eui. Eui really socks

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      Oh my dear MIUI is best, stock OS for cringe people

      • Jan ยาน

        I love MIUIs simplification while still maintaining Android under the hood. I don’t get the hate from all the AOSP whiners

      • Francis Sim

        MIUI is definitely a mature UI implementation. I don’t fancy stock Android without a 3rd party launcher. EUI has been working for me so far so I am not sure why there is so much hate for it. Vivo’s UI implementation is still the worst and poorest I have seen with Vivo X5 Pro.

  • MattD

    That’s not even a lit up screen, just a piece of paper with a screenshot of the app drawer… Try harder next time, LeBezels!

    • Omer

      Lol 🙂 It immediateliy struck me that that border of the screen looks unnatural. So you might be right. Either that or photoshop.

      • MattD

        I don’t think it’s photoshop: the screen doesn’t produce light at all… Don’t know how far you can go with minimum luminosity, but that’s a bit too stretched ? also, borders are totally unnatural, like you mentioned! If it was photoshop, well, I did better jobs than this when I played around with ms paint back when I was 7 ?

        • Omer

          Lol 🙂

  • greg

    We want better battery and micro sd from LeEco

  • Muhammad Yasir

    im starting to fall in love with LeEco…

  • Mike

    Man, they still don’t get it, you put a WHITE bezel on a WHITE phone, even a tiny one like this one. Not BLACK, it looks awful..

    • Dominó85

      Yes, many dumb engineers there in China. White-white, gold-gold, black-black… But they don’t get it!!! Idiots in China…

  • Chandan Mitra

    8 GB RAM?? Now it will be equal to my laptop lol

  • Twister12

    With that $hitty rom they have? No thank you. Never again.

  • Madimatli

    Eui is really sucking all of black dicks! Never again. If you can’t develop a good rom, just release a stock Android. Really stupid choise to develop eui rom!

    • Francis Sim

      Is there something wrong with EUI? I used Le1 before using Le2 as daily phone. The ROM works fine for me with the exception of Google+ installation. Other than that, the phone works.