Elephone are allegedly working on a special app for the EleCam 360

The new Elephone action camera, the EleCam 360, is currently the pretty hot new kid on the block and user feedback is pretty much buzzing with activing on the forums. One of the frequent requests there is about some specialized app for the EleCam 360 similar to the likes of Tiny Planet.

Elephone official line is that the current functionality of EleCam 360 is not supporting anything like that, but they are aware of the feedback request and are seriously considering making it in the future. It should be a dedicated app capable of photo/video editing including the Tiny Planet mode.

And to show they are not only talking about something vague, the Elephone testers took the EleCam 360 for a spin with the test version of the upcoming app.

You can check the following gallery to find out more about the test results and first experiences.

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