Lack of storage space ? Not a problem with UMI Max

Low storage capacity can be a problem for power users saving lots of photos, videos or general files in their phones. And well usually exactly at the moment you need it the storage will be full… But why are we talking abou such obvious things ? Easy dear Watson, UMI have released a video trying to convince the customers such mundane problem can’t happen with their new UMI Max model.

If you ask why, then the answer is more simple than you would probably expect. UMI Max supports microSD expansion with cards up to 256 GB of capacity so plenty of optional space for whatever files you deem necessary to copy and store.


Of course that’s only in case you are not planning to use the dualSIM capabilities of the phone, because UMI Max is sporting the hybrid slot so either two SIMs or just one SIM and the aforementioned gigantic microSD card.

So let’s take a look at the UMI’s instructional video how to stuff the microSD properly full of data and expand your internal storage. Oh and if you would be interested in UMI Max then it’s currently available for $169.99 for example here.

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