Bluboo Maya Max display can handle even the wet touch controls

The latest Bluboo device Maya Max is doing quite well in the presales so it’s now wonder the company is trying to even add some fuel to the fire with pointing out some extra features of the device to the general public.

We already know that the Bluboo Maya Max can offer quite respectable specs for the money so the price/performance ratio is definitely there. But as some of the little extra features Bluboo pointed out at the ability to control the display even with a wet or a gloved hand.

The phone also has an IP65 certification, meaning it should be resistant to some degree against dust and liquids. And to prove such point Bluboo produced a video showing that Maya Max can indeed handle those small accidents like spilled tea or coffee with ease. Check it out.

As mentioned before the new Bluboo Maya Max is currently in the presale period and you can get it for example here.

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