Redmi Note 3 becomes highest-shipped phone in the Indian online market for one quarter

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

While it’s known that Xiaomi aren’t doing too well in their home market, there is some respite in a particular overseas market, thanks to their Redmi series phones.

The Redmi Note 3 went on sale in India back in March. Since then, it has gone on to become the country’s highest-shipped phone in the online market for any particular quarter.

Xiaomi shipped as many as 880,000 units of the Redmi Note 3 in Q2 2016. To add to that, Xiaomi sold a total of 1.75 million units of the phone in India since its launch.

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The Redmi Note 3 still happens to be a sought-after device, and rightly so. In its Indian variant, the Redmi Note 3 comes with a Snapdragon 650/652 processor and 2GB/3GB RAM, making it the phone to go for in the sub-13k INR range.

In related news, Xiaomi just gave their flagship Mi 5 a price cut in the Indian market.

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  1. vijay sud
    August 23, 2016

    Xiaomi could have doubled , even tripled these numbers with two very minor alterations for India market, 1. Provision of a dedicated Sd card slot, not the shitty hybrid dual Sim slot and a better cam.
    All that was required is local market research.

    • MattD
      August 23, 2016

      “local market research”… Srsly?! So the only ones wanting a good camera are indians?! There are far better reasons for them to go for an average camera!

    • MaxPower
      August 23, 2016

      In my opinion that phone was built mostly for Indian market.
      SD card slot, Snapdragon and decent camera setup.
      Let’s not forget this is a $200 phone.

      Tell me any other phone at that price range that has better specs.

      The sales are proving them right, even in a market where LeTV does very well.

      • 公主
        August 23, 2016

        Phone was not for Indian market, the Chinese market actually (mid-tier). Hugo Barra told in interview the primary target the low to low-mid range spenders of Chinese youth, looking for great performance. Unfortunately here it has not done too well here. Chinese youth and elders are spending more on expensive phones.

        • MaxPower
          August 23, 2016

          The MTK version was born for Chinese market (worse camera, Mediatek SoC, no SD card support)
          Then a couple of months later they made the Snapdragon version with improved camera, SD card support and they launched it in India where the Mediatek phones can’t be sold due to a ban.

  2. Carlos Miguel Pereira
    August 23, 2016

    Article is incorrcet, Note 3 Pro doesn’t have Snapdragon 652 (octa-core)..

  3. Wolvie
    August 24, 2016

    Redmi Note 3 Pro is the best value smartphone (Dollar to dollar) compare to other Xiaomi Phones :
    – Redmi xx is their cheapest model but the spec consider as low end
    – Mixx is high end devices but it is much more expensive.

    If the buyer did their homework and check the spec and pricing then Redmi note 3 pro is the best choice. Price only a bit more expensive than low end redmi series but spec is much better.

    last price i know (months ago) was already reach $165 from aliexpress for the 3GB + 32GB.

    And again, i just checked Singapore Xiaomi official online Shop, Loo and Behold…. NO STOCK AS USUAL !!!!!!! I don’t know how many months already like this. No wonder Xiaomi cannot beat other big brands.