Xiaomi accused of ripping off Jawbone

Oooppss, Xiaomi have once again been called out for one of its designs which looks very much like Jawbone’s Mini Jambox.

Xiaomi have really brought a lot to the Chinese tech world and to tech fans in general, but even the most devoted fan can’t ignore the fact that Xiaomi’s designs do sometimes look like rip offs.

Take a look back at their origins and Xiaomi were accused of copying Meizu (with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi2), then it was Nokia with the Mi3, and then a range of Apple inspired designs arrived on Xiaomi’s online store (battery packs, mini routers etc).

Well they are in bother again this time with Jawbone. CEO of Jawbone, Yves Behar, has hit out against Xiaomi’s bluetooth speaker, calling it a rip off of his companies similar mini bluetooth speaker.

The two speakers are pictured side by side above, and low and behold the Xiaomi does look like it’s been inspired by the Jawbone.

Xiaomi hasn’t made an official statement about the accusations, and we’re not sure they will, but looking at the two devices side by side we have o say we prefer the tweaked Xiaomi design over the original.

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