Vernee Apollo Lite is getting the second firmware update in the next days

Vernee Apollo Lite is the second device ever produced by the chinese startup Vernee and is mainly aimed at the European market. The company claims that it managed to gain some popularity among the European customers already, mainly thanks to the power behind the deca-core Helio X20 processor.

But of course you can’t also disregard the proper customer care from the Vernee’s side concerning the frequent and timely updates, which certainly add to the appeal of their devices.

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Vernee Apollo Lite already got the first firmware update some time ago and the second one is apparently only days away from being released, as usual through OTA.

This second update should bring better user comfort, mainly concerning the 3G/4G mobile network stability and signal sensitivity. Furthermore the call and voice quality should be improved and some tweaks will be applied to the compatibility with the local providers networks.

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  1. Yeti hand
    August 24, 2016

    excellent!! Now I can buy one for my girlfriend

    • Muhammad Yasir
      August 24, 2016


      you were waiting for a firmware update to buy this ?

      • Yeti hand
        August 24, 2016

        yep the first update brang a lot of bugs

        • Muhammad Yasir
          August 25, 2016



          • Yeti hand
            August 29, 2016

            yeap brought sorry for the mistake X(

      • Yeti hand
        August 30, 2016

        I ordered it yesterday btw

        • Muhammad Yasir
          August 31, 2016

          let me know how’s the screen , cam and performance in general.

          would love to get a CANDID 3rd party take on a Vernee product !

          • Yeti hand
            September 1, 2016

            no problem Muhammad, I got your back

            • Muhammad Yasir
              September 1, 2016

              thx bro

            • Yeti hand
              September 28, 2016

              So after 3 weeks of use here is my review of the phone, please notice, my gf is the one using it but the phone is in my hand most of the time when we’re together

              Photo with good lighting they seem good to me I don’t Know how to judge them (I’m using a SLR most of the time so all smartphone photos are trash to me)
              With little light it’s not the case if the target is faraway

              Battery life is great at least for me the phone can handle more than 1 day easily

              4g reception no problem

              GPS great!! No losses of signal even in city

              Call quality is good

              Vernee already brought a 3rd ota BTW

              Build quality is excellent

              My gf is always on social media so I assume everything is working

              My problem with we the second ota, my PC wouldn’t sync with the phone, I need to test this after the 3rd ota.

              Sometimes some applications needed you the phone to reboot before working. I will test this after the 3rd ota as well.

              Now you Know everything about this phone ask questions if you want.

              BTW my gf had an iPhone 6 plus before.. Now she let it at home ( eat this apple 😉 )

            • Muhammad Yasir
              September 28, 2016

              thanks bro

              this’ll be enough for now … i’ll ask if anything else comes up

  2. Muhammad Yasir
    August 24, 2016

    Good to hear Vernee are doing what should be done about after sales.

    can’t wait for the Vernee Mars !

  3. Floans
    August 24, 2016

    just be more and more confident to this brand.