‘Huge demand’ for OPPO R9 means it’ll have a non-AMOLED version too

BBK twins OPPO and vivo have managed to dethrone Xiaomi from the #1 position in China (with help from Huawei). News is that demand for OPPO phones has reached a level where the company is finding it tough to meet them.

Specifically, it’s the OPPO R9 which seems to have struck a chord with the Chinese citizens. The phone ships with an AMOLED panel, and for that, OPPO relies on Samsung (like almost every other smartphone company shipping AMOLED phones). But, the demand means that OPPO have to look elsewhere for display panels.

JDI is where OPPO will be sourcing panels for the OPPO R9 now, which means there’ll be a variant with LCD panels — the OPPO R9km. While it might be a bit of a compromise for to-be buyers, they at least will not have to wait.

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