Xiaomi aren’t doing too well, apparently.

xiaomi mi book air

Xiaomi happen to be one of the most discussed brands (if not the most discusses) here at GizChina. It’s the proactive nature of the company that doesn’t just keep its competitors at its toes, but also compels you to keep an eye out.

That said, Xiaomi may not be having the best time yet. According to data published by IDC, Xiaomi just saw a 38.4 percent drop in smartphone shipment volumes in China for Q2 2016 vs Q2 2015. This, when the smartphone market in China grew by 4.6 percent.

What this also means is Xiaomi is now at #4 in China, from being #1 for a long while. The plummet in numbers can also be attributed to strong offline presence of phone makers such as OPPO, vivo, and Huawei, which now comprise of the big three in China.

In wake of this, Xiaomi have started diversifying their catalog even more. This year, Xiaomi introduced a scooter (hoverboard?), a drone, a laptop (a bit of a MacBook ripoff), and more.

Is it time for Xiaomi to start taking the offline market a bit more seriously?

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