Elephone P9000 and its blockbuster fingerprint scanner story

Seems like Elephone are a company full of jokers in various departments and today’s video proves the point to the extreme. Well see for yourself…

So without further ado let’s jump into the captivating story about a young chinese guy (let’s call him something original, like Li) with a jealous girlfriend and old trustworthy Elephone P9000 phone. And because Li’s phone is full of compromising things like numbers of many other chinese ladies or full stash of german adult videos he can’t be safe enough.

Because the Elephone P9000 has a solid fngerprint sensor you would think his data are safe, but chinese ladies can get crafty….They know how such fingerprint scanners work so once the Li falls asleep the opportunity arises…and well check out the story ending in the video.

Well seems like that if you own the Elephone P9000 you can sleep safely knowing your data are safe. And they lived happily ever after.

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