Xiaomi sub-brand Huami releases the Amazfit Smartwatch

Xiaomi sub-brand Huami releases the Amazfit Smartwatch


Xiaomi’s sub-brand Huami has just released its latest wearable the Amazfit Watch in China. Huami has released products other Amazfit products before this, but the Amazfit Watch is the first ever smartwatch from the company. Could this be the long awaited Xiaomi Watch?

The Amazfit Watch utilizes Xiaomi’s MiFit app to function. It sports a 1.34-inch display with 300 x 300 pixels resolution, and is powered by a 1.2Ghz processor along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

Not to be confused with the Amazfit Smart Bracelet from last year
Not to be confused with the Amazfit Smart Bracelet from last year

On the back of the dial there’s a heart rate sensor that, unlike the Mi Band’s heart sensor, can continuously read your heart rate. Aside from that, the Amazfit Watch can also be used for on-the-go payments with Alibaba’s mobile payment service AliPay, at least in China.

The Amazfit’s bezel is made of ceramic, making it nice and scratch resistant. The wristband is user replaceable, and the dial can be attached to any other 22mm band. The Amazfit is powered by a 200mAh battery, which should give up to 5 days of battery life.

We do wonder whether this is the much awaited Xiaomi Watch or of it’s just a product of Huami that released with good timing. Regardless, the Amazfit Watch goes on sale tomorrow for a decent 799 yuan or $120.


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  • Marius Cirsta

    200 Mah will last for days ? In their dreams … well maybe with the CPU and everything in sleep mode and no data connection but this is quite far off.
    I had a watch with MT2502 which is quite frugal and a larger 350 Mah ( maybe fake capacity as you never know with the Chinese ) but that only lasted for 2-3 days.

    • NextHype

      Huami says that this watch is capable of running for approximately 11 days if it’s just tracking steps, it will provide 35 hours of battery life if GPS is turned on, and the company says that an average of 5 days can be expected if you use the watch in normal conditions.

      • Marius Cirsta

        No offense but companies say many things and not all of them are true.
        35 hours with GPS turned on is something that I’m not sure even my phone can do so unless they found some magical new battery tech of chips I seriously doubt this claim.

        • NextHype

          No offense taken, I was just copying their advertising so you’ll have the full version of it. I’m as skeptical as you, even if they say they used a brand new GPS chip that reduces battery drain.

  • Ulti

    Looks really nice and price is somewhat reasonable. Will it have enough to go against market leaders from Samsung, LG and Huawei though?

    I’ve been waiting for a sub £100 smartwatch from a bigger brand and haven’t seen anything yet that looks as nice as this.

  • NextHype

    This is not a smartwatch, it’s just an upgraded fitband and it’s advertised like that by Huami. They’re targeting ppl wanting to track their running prowess and monitor their health so it won’t compete with LG, Moto, … as this is not an Android Wear product.

    Can’t be the Xiaomi smartwatch everyone is waiting for.
    If it is, everyone will be in for a disappointment.
    Except the fitness tracking maniac kind.

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      My dear. You are wrong, in fact you can get notifications, do amazon orders and even control Mi Home over the watch. Pls note thx

      • NextHype

        No Android Wear => epic fail

  • Duarte Bruno

    I was very excited to read about this watch until I read that it uses the miFit App.
    If you really want to tank some product, there is nothing like shipping it with the absolute worst software in the industry.

    • SoniC

      Yeah and probably with a very bad translation (if at all).

  • ice.man

    Android Wear?

    • SoniC

      Nope, read it in a few forums that this is definitely not A-Wear.

  • Qidamin

    Finally I do not regret having bought the ticwatch2. And 5 days with 280mAh, I have some doubt…