Every Xiaomi smartphone of 2016 so far

Every Xiaomi smartphone of 2016 so far


This year has proven to be pretty active for Xiaomi. Their Mijia products are doing splendidly, and they’ve released quite a lot of phones. So many in fact, that we’re making a list about them!

So without further ado, here’s every single Xiaomi smartphone released in 2016 so far, sorted by month!


The Redmi 3

In January, we saw the release of the Redmi 3. The Redmi 3 ran on a Snapdragon 616 processor, a 5-inch HD display, an interesting cross weave pattern on its rear and a huge 4000mAh battery. This would be the first of the many Redmi 3 iterations to come.


February saw three releases for Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi5, the Xiaomi Mi4s and the Snapdragon version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (aka Redmi Note 3 Pro).

The Xiaomi Mi5
The Xiaomi Mi5

The Mi5 was by far the most popular of the bunch. With its top tier specs, the Mi5’s launch at MWC Barcelona gained the company plenty of traffic, and for the first time everyone was talking about the phone, and not how to pronounce Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi4s in pink
Xiaomi Mi4s in pink

While the Mi5 was being launched at MWC, China were busy having their own launch with the Mi4s. The Xiaomi Mi4s was an updated version of the Xiaomi Mi4C, featuring a glass and metal build like the Mi5. The device’s specifications were the same as the Mi4C, so it wasn’t really too surprising.

Ol’ reliable Redmi Note 3

The Redmi Note 3 saw a much smaller launch, but the fan reception for the device was incredibly positive. The Redmi Note 3 was the first device running the Snapdragon 650 processor with a sub-$200 price tag. This, however, made the Redmi 3 obsolete, something Xiaomi was looking to change as soon as possible.


Another Redmi 3

In March, we saw one launch by Xiaomi, and that would be the Redmi 3 Pro. In terms of design, the Redmi 3 Pro is a Redmi 3 with more RAM and storage, as well as a fingerprint sensor. The cross weave pattern on the rear was also removed.


Le Mi Max
Le Mi Max

Three months later, Xiaomi announces their next device, the Mi Max. The Mi Max was a behemoth of a device with a massive 6.44-inch device, a powerful Snapdragon 650/652 processor and a 4000mAh battery. The Mi Max was well received despite its size, and became a welcome edition to the Xiaomi family of devices.


June saw 2 more devices announced by Xiaomi, with those two being the Redmi 3S and Redmi 3X. Yeah, Xiaomi weren’t really getting very creative with their devices.

And another one...
And another one…

The Redmi 3S was basically the Redmi 3, but instead of a Snapdragon 616 they had the Snapdragon 430 instead. Aside from that, the device was pretty much an inferior version of the Redmi 3X.

It’s the Redmi 3X, if you couldn’t tell

The Redmi 3X, despite being the better of the 2 devices, was still a pretty boring device. Like the Redmi 3S, the Redmi 3X had the Snapdragon 430 processor. The only differences were that the 3X came with more storage and a fingerprint sensor.


One of the more exciting Xiaomi launches this year
One of the more exciting Xiaomi launches this year

And in July, we finally arrive at the announcement of the brand new Redmi Pro, a brand new Xiaomi device with MediaTek’s top of the line Helio X20 processor, an AMOLED full HD display and dual rear cameras. It was one of the most exciting Xiaomi launches of the year, which was great.

This one is the Redmi 3S Prime.
This one is the Redmi 3S Prime.

Oh, and we also had another Redmi 3, this time being the Redmi 3S Prime. As the name suggests, the Redmi 3S Prime was a Redmi 3S, just with more RAM and storage. Needless to say, the Redmi 3S Prime was easily overshadowed by the much more exciting Redmi Pro.


Redmi Note 4
The Redmi Note 4, in all three color options

The latest Xiaomi device to be launched was the Redmi Note 4, which was only announced earlier this month. The Redmi Note 4 saw a few changes from the Note 3, including a new full metal build and an upgraded Helio X20 processor. Aside from these changes, the Redmi Note 4 and Note 3 are indistinguishable.

And with that, we’ve finished the last device of the year so far. If rumors are to be believed, we should also be expecting the Mi Note 2 to be launched soon, and hopefully it’ll be another interesting launch. There could even be an SD821 powered Xiaomi Mi 5s!

What do you think about this year’s Xiaomi releases? Are there too many of them? Should Xiaomi make this a habit? How many more Redmi 3s can Xiaomi release before the end of the year? Tell us down below in the comments.

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  • Mik

    they are all not interesting for Europeans since they lack b20

    • Bailey

      Its fine for me and I live in the UK

      • Dante

        Yes considering that meizu launched only a device per year last year they Blasted off when they signed the mediatek deal+Alibaba deal

      • Simon

        I think if you use EE or Three you should be fine in the UK.

      • Ivo001

        Elephone 😉

    • ramon

      Redmi Note 3 Special (SD650) has B20.

      • notsure

        O.k. Now give me Mi Max Special with B20. Its have SD650 already 🙂

    • Michal Zeman

      Not all of them.. There is new International version of RN3 Pro with B20.

      • Dante

        Yep Lte works good

    • balcobomber25

      Depends where you live in Europe. All of those listed above will work on some European LTE networks. They won’t work on any US LTE networks, except for the RN3 Pro special edition.

    • Adam Irvine

      Depends if you care about 4G/LTE also…

      For example, I’m on Virgin UK (Here in the UK) who use the EE network signal mainly but don’t get the EE LTE/4G with it.

      Doesn’t affect me in the slightest as I find the 3G/H/H+ stuff more than good enough and I’m in WiFi during work and at home.

  • Twister12

    Too many phones too many models and yet unavailable Lol!

  • Lauri

    Way too many models and confusing names too. I doubt many would guess from the name that ‘Redmi Pro’ is a newer and more high end model than ‘Redmi 3 Pro’ or ‘Redmi Note 3 Pro’. Not to mention all the Redmi 3* models.

  • Jan ยาน

    i’m still sitting on my Mi Note Pro with 4GB Ram and an overheating SD810, sporting a 2K display. this year brought no real replacement for that flag ship phablet. the redmi series is for mid-rangers and the mi max is a mi range SD 65x device which barely surpasses the 1.3 year older SD810 and has a worse manufacturing process size, slower memory, slower cache, slower bus speed, and a worse display

  • Dominic Côté

    For a “pretty boring device”, redmi 3s is great for a budget device, and i saw an international version with band 4 (17002100) on geekbuying

  • Zeeshan Nathani

    xiaomi is surely becoming Samsung; flooding the market with cheap phones but with incredible specs

  • Ch

    and I still cant buy any mi5 pro direct from china website.