Acer goes nuts, makes the world’s first gaming laptop with a curved display

This is it people. The ultimate gaming laptop has landed, and boy is it something else. Acer has just unveiled their massive 21-inch behemoth of a gaming laptop, completely with monster specs and a curved display.

Dubbed the Predator 21X, this laptop with a gigantic 21-inch display is not something you can easily carry around. Nevertheless, it does carry plenty of powerful hardware such as the new 7th Gen Intel Core processor and dual GTX 1080 graphics. In fact, the device is so powerful it needs five fans to keep it cool, and that’s barring the fact that these components can still be overclocked!

Look at that. Glorious.
Look at that. Glorious.
As if that weren’t enough, the device also accommodates an full size mechanical keyboard equipped with Cherry MX switches and a detachable numeric pad that also functions as a touchpad for the laptop.
And to top it off, the Predator 21X also comes with the Tobii Eye Tracker, allowing users to control some games with their eyes and providing a huge number of security features to the user.
The pricing of the Predator 21X has yet to be announced, though looking at the spec sheet we can easily assume that it’s probably not going to be a value for money proposition.
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