Cubot Echo can offer not just the audio experience, but also pretty tough display

e have already informed about the new Cubot Echo phone, which should be tailored for the audio lovers and the company is of course promoting it as such.

Most of the phone’s specifications are pretty ordinary, but what could come as a suprise is the toughness of the 5-inch display. And thanks to the Cubot testers we will take a look at that today, because they have released a video documenting the sturdiness and toughness of the Echo display in various stress tests.

So brace yourselves for a real video attack, we have four video clips for you featuring Cubot Echo being used as a nutcracker, hammer, glass breaker and a hammer target. Enjoy.

Of course for us experienced promo video watchers it’s obvious the Cubot Echo display survived just flawlessly. So if you would like to know more about the phone’s specs you can click here.

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